Friday, December 5, 2008

1970 - 1980

Postmodernism in Design

What is postmodernism? Confusion, overused ideas, mixture, buzzing mind, technology, moral changes, disco.
It is debatable why 80s was time for big changes. Probably as a result of the social awareness or because of the economic crisis the late 70s. The 80s are much more sober.
The Pop kitsch of 70 gradually is developed into rebellious punk.

Pop era is passing
Rubick's cube style is gone. (for a while)

After punk came the "dirty" Grunge that express the feelings of youth - rage, social isolation, aggression, sadness, depression. It express the freedom of being looser. It is characterized with negligee, baggy clothes, torn jeans, rough ends.
Ironically exactly the fashion of the losers became successful next decades. This of course lead to its commercialization, the loss of charge and finally to its exhausting.

Grunge font

Grunge style penetrate also in printing materials and advertisements.

This style embodies the idea of fragmentation. Distorted, twisted, wired buildings express the despair caused by the lack of new ideas.

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