Friday, December 5, 2008

1960 - 1970

Pop and Protest


We could say one word - pop culture. If you have a conservative society for some time you will have and decent, "reasonable", teasing, mind washing products and also designs. The messages are not so direct and imperative but still eye-candy.
People are having fun, getting new cars, girlfriends (boyfriends), dishwashers, TVs -what about you?

More manipulative, more colored, also playing with types. Font types diversity, flat colors that begun to appear.
Some of the creative ideas of 60s were so good so they was reused 50 years later.
Well there were some exceptions. Do not forget - emancipation,
Beside the mainstream madness there were people who decided to be even more crazy refusing the common "sense". Make love not war!

People become more socially aware. They become concern about the war, human rights, environment. The feminism movement. Also there is economic slump. Two polar world. Soft rock and disco music. Flat colors. Plastic. Lines.

The 70s look less euphoric.

This tendency is visible not only in printing material but also in the patterns, colors and shapes of the interior. Orange, red and yellow are very popular colors, also we can see a lot of lines and geometric shapes.

The ball chair with its futuristic and clear shape become one of the most recognizable features of 60s- 70s style.
The same spirit have the jewelery. Plastic, flat colors, geometric design, bright colors - so typical for the disco style.

Many fonts in the 70s follows the same guides - geometric shapes, lines, flat and thick impression. The second main group are again thick but more curly, decorative, female and playful.

Photocomposition of lettering gives much more freedom for designers. The letters could overlapped, fitted, outlined in the photo composition. But this freedom brings and new responsibility in designer's decisions.
The geometric forms are visible also in architecture. As Technology became fashion the urban space was converted to cold grey-concrete, glassy, geometric place.

The cities speed up their life's making human mind more buzzing. But about that in next theme.

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