Thursday, October 16, 2008

35 000 - 27 000 BCE | 3000 - 500 BCE

Prehistoric Prelude to Graphic Design History
Early writing: Mark Making, Notation Systems, and Scripts

"A mark that is a sign of the self is also always other than self"

Abstract thinking is specific for humans. Abstract could be considered as opposite of concrete, i.e general. This way of thinking allows us to create specific signs that are not closely related with the concrete reality.
I suppose the step between concrete and abstract actually has been a big jump. Not only because of the generalization but because it is the begging of MINE- YOURS way of thinking.

With development of the spoken language came the need to "save" the all brilliant ideas that we have.

So here comes marking.
Thousand of years we have been producing marks. And we still do it. With everything and everywhere.

On stones

On streets

On our hands

Or with them

On faces

And on food

It seems like we had marked the whole world.

May be because we have too much stuff :) or we tend to forget easily.
With time marks became not only simple representation of a concrete objects but also abstract representation of an ideas.

Historians said that after we started to make signs they became so much that we developed systems for them. And here came the writing.

Thousands of years after the first marks people still like to use them.
A bit more developed, and sophisticated - one of the most notorious forms of marks today is the logo.

A logo is a sign that that is used as a trade mark.
To make a good logo is not an easy job.
It has to be easily recognizable, related with the company's activity and original.
Here are few samples of very famous logos and their development.

Left is the classic and well known trefoil with 3 stripes. I still don't have a good explanation about those stripes. But for sure the name comes from the founder Adolf(Adi) Dassler.
It is one of very successful logos and also companies.

What do you need for a brilliant idea - an apple and a smart head where to fall.
So Apple came literally with this idea. The problem was that it was too literally and when symbols are too obvious they are no more symbols.
On top of that the logo was very complicated and unclear. Imagine if you have to see this on one square inch. It will be completely unrecognizable spot
Soon after creating this Apple's people realized that it does not work.
So they came up with another idea.

First Apple's logo

This logo survived 22 years. Can you imagine?

Second Apples logo
1976 - 1998

This one is the newest.
Pure, simple, minimalistic - as the contemporary tendencies.

Third Apples logo

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