Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1450 - 1660

Renaissance Design: Standardization and Modularization in Print

After the invention of the printing machine from Gutenberg in 1439 the method of book creating changed. At that time the power was still shared between the church and royal families and this define the way technology could be used. As we can expect one of the first and most printed books will be the Bible.
Along that the fifteenth century become a critical time for the political power of the church.
After more than 1000 years of "dark ages"starts The Enlightenment. First in Italy and later in whole Europe begins changes in the fashion, science, politic power, religion. The christian church lose its influence, the power of monarchy diminish opening the door for questions.
The fearful, religious and superstitious mentality meets education.

The easiness of distributing information had incredible impact over the human mind and over the visualization of the ideas.
Printing became more diverse and more entertaining. New fonts, arranegements and media emerged.

read more → know more → want more → produce more → fight for attention
Enlightenment appeared to be very fertile soil for it.

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