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1850 - 1900

Chapter 7
Mass Mediation

Charlie Chaplin - Mothern Times 19

Industrial Revolution - The term denote the process of unprecedented technological development facilitating manufacture in such dramatic way so it had a huge social effect.
As a result many things changed:
- the way of production- more easy
- the price of production
- the accessibility of consumption - (in near future the way of consumption- more careless)
- the urban architecture - building fabrics, smoking chimneys.
- the way of working - with machine, not on the field, new professions
- the family organization - children knows more than their fathers, broken traditions
- the place living - process of urbanization
- the communication - it is more easy than ever before, more news

This is a process that still continue.
We are so fascinated by the machines. This is part of man's desire to overcome his weakness
Better, stronger, faster, smarter...
This is a competition with our imagination- what we could be. A race that had no end.

How it Industrial Revolution affect on Graphic design?
- the war for attention - The increased manufacture create the need of advertising. There are created new fonts to answer the needs of
- the illustrations - first used to support graphically the written information, later to add romantic or comic feeling
- the photography - add new criteria for realism.
- the distinction between fine arts and art for trade
- the birth of ephemera - low cost, standard, mechanical production, not personal

Industrial Revolution and Graphic design in Bulgaria.
Although Bulgaria was under the Ottoman Rule until 1878 the process of industrialization also affect the country. The new liberated Bulgaria opens to Western Europe to catch up what she had lost. The social and cultural live, and technical development is strongly influenced by the West and especially by France.

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